The Art of Asking and Receiving


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Most people give up on their goals before the Universe can complete the process of delivering. So many times, in life the Universe was about to knock on your door to deliver, but you just did not hear the knocking, you forgot how to listen, and you were too busy worrying about your future or about yesterday. Meanwhile the answers to all your questions were just outside the door.

“Remembering that worry is a form of praying and asking for more, change the way you ask for the things, and you can predict your own future “

Conrad Coetzee through his book “the art of asking and receiving” explains the spiritual connection between God, the art of asking, the art of receiving, energy and success. A detailed step by step description of how you can apply a very simple process in your life to get yourself out of a rut and to discover what truly makes you happy. Whilst Illustrating the science and mechanics behind the law of attraction, this book is about you, it is about your seed thoughts, your dreams and wishes, it will teach you how to be on the right frequency by mastering the art of asking and receiving.


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