Yes I would like to thank you for taking me into your awesome leadership training program. That training was the stepping stone for me to achieve goals, and conquer fear.

Let’s talk about the fear part first. When I first started in the leadership program I was just appointed as a supervisor on the collections floor, and boy ooh boy was I scared at first. In my mind I was thinking, am I capable of leading people that I started with as fellow agents on the floor. Things just started running through my mind like how do I handle conflict, how do I discipline, how do I achieve targets and so on.

Then came along Mr Conrad Coetzee With the 5 levels of leadership. Too me you were God sent. I then began to breathe easier knowing that I now have a tool that will help me conquer fear. So whenever I felt pressured on the floor I would begin to create a game plan in my head. And I should keep telling myself one step at a time. And the outcome was always positive because I started to build the “I CAN” attitude and that helped me conquer fear and started to manage a team. I then started to find myself and noticed that I became stronger in certain aspects and was able to control the pressure. One important lesson that learned is

“Power is Nutting without control”.

Now to the fun part. This is where I learned about goals. In your training Conrad you thought us about visualization. This is an extremely important tool in setting of goals. You have to visualize it before it becomes a reality. This is something that you see in everyday advertising, they will always show you the end product. I used this to set goals for the teams that I ran at work. I also used this to set personable goals.

This tool of visualisation helped me to secure my position as a permanent supervisor, it also helped me to set and achieve team goals and became an important part of my training when it came to training and motivating agents.

Visualization also helped me tremendously with my personnel goals. When I came to Blake I used public transport. I did not even have a drivers licence. However now thanks to learning about short and long term goals I now have a drivers licence, I also own a car that I bought cash and as well as numerous technical gadgets and appliances that I bought for my house. I have also set out long term goals that I am currently working towards.

So once again Conrad a huge huge thank you and I hope all the inspiration that you have given too me in returned to you in tenfold. All the best in whatever you try to do in life

Thank you


I am sending you this mail in good spirit and would also like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for the Leadership training that you have provided of which I was a part of in PMB. I’d also like to say that this training has impacted my life personally and work related, I started at Blake as an agent and slowly I began to progress, I was given the opportunity to attend your training sessions of which I enjoyed tremendously. I attended the sessions until we completed the 5 steps of leadership and still do implement strategies and how to handle different situations that staff come forth with. I do believe that you have made a huge impact in my growth at Blake and Associates and look forward to more training sessions with you. I’d also like to thank you very much for the Data Warehouse reports that were implemented also this is helping us monitor agents  and income and debit orders at a click of a button. I also appreciate that fact that you also tried to implement extra studies for employees with regard to the Academy, that’s when I noticed that this training sessions are not in vain because there you are showing care for the people that we work with by offering free education. This shows that you a kind caring and positive person and I would always want to be a part of any training and coaching that you can provide because after all of your sessions I came out with a more positive and clear mind set.

I’d like to thank you once again and look forward to having you down in PMB soon.


In this mail I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time given to myself, I was one of the many chosen to be a part of the training in 2014 and from then till now I have been built into one of the strongest Snr Supervisors on the Truw 90+ floor , from finding the blue glass to seeing the butterfly, using my imagination to see into the future and see my goals and were I want to be in Blake and associates today I can proudly say that through that training I am who I am, you have given me the vision and inspiration to look beyond what is in front of me and to what is not there and make it a reality and for that I would like to say  THANK YOU. The first time that we met you have tested my mind and my abilities and my creativity you inspired me to push myself to achieve better and with the training on the Leadership it has allowed me to work better with my agents and get to know them.

In the past 2 years working in Blake I have never stopped using my subconscious mind and visualizing things that I want to achieve and it has never failed me to date, from being a Team Leader and entering your training sessions I visualized myself as a Supervisor and not long thereafter that is where I was, now being a Senior Supervisor my vision and goal is to become a Trainee Manager and I know with hard work and chasing my goals and dreams that is where I will be soon.

Our training sessions where not like a normal lesson it was fun innovating and Dynamic , we could express our feelings thoughts and could be open, solve problem and showed us how to work as a Team , how to find our strengths , weakness , and how to overcome our weakness and better our strengths, you showed us how to understand important reports and never refused to assist us when confused , knowing you is a pleasure and I am looking forward to working with you in the future and learn a lot more from you moving forward.

You are an inspiration and role module in Blake and Associates.


I trust this mail finds you in good spirit,
I would like to begin by letting you know that you are in my prayers,
Conrad your training impacted my life in a great way, in that I looked at life through different eyes,
Not everything looks as it seems on the outside, there is a deeper meaning to the way life is.
You opened my mind and imagination in a way I never did or even thought of.
You are a gifted man and I believe that your purpose is to influence and help people.
Not everyone can do what you do, you captivate and allow us to explore and use our imagination,
The butterfly exercise was the first task and wow! I found it fascinating then I tried the blue car exercise and it worked too.
I started then using the exercises on my goals and dreams and it worked.
You are definitely an asset and an influential person, that when you speak we relate in the examples you make to our own lives.
You allowed me to visualize my goals and believe and you know what happened.


I trust this mail finds you well

Firstly I would like to thank you as a person what you have done for me, as an individual and providence you have impacted to the company.

Mr Conrad you training has help me to understand strength and weakness.

As I started as an agent at Blake Associates I was shy and scared to open up to the world,

But attending you training help to be more self-motivated, inspirational and go-getter.

My mind was shattered but now I grew to think out of the box, reality and business wise,

I always had good ideas but could not express them out to my colleagues because of fear.

But you taught me nothing is impossible if first you draw every extract in vision then implement with prepared action.

Through you training now I approach life full on and confident, whereby after taken you training class I and my colleagues sat down wrote a marvelous Blake anthem (WAR CRY) which was sang by mass of Blake people.

I was then recognize as a self-motivated team leader who can carry people to the right direction cross paths.

My goals that I still search for has never stopped as you have plant a seed in my brains to think with power and stability.

I’m a forefront and a good team leader that always willing to strive for new ideas and willing to help other people, it all count to you for giving me an opportunity to reveal myself and trust my instinct.

I was a street wise person in terms of socially and living but studying from your training, you taught me no matter where you come from, the mind is a power full tool that can be driven to any direction destined to great height.

Mr Conrad you wisdom was like a slice of bread, you gave me food for thought when I was starving for information. So I would like to salute you as life changer, strategy maker, team builder and honorably father to all us black people.


A lot has happened in a person’s life due to an hour sessions every Wednesday with you Mr Conrad Coetzee. There are times in which I hope these sessions are ongoing, but not only for me but my fellow colleagues at work.

The first session I had with you I was so excited, not excited because of the session about ahead but simply because it was time of the dialler. Yes I know this may seem as if I’m lazy (which I am) but because of the fact that I saw my role in the company as just a “job”. I state “job” because I never saw anything positive about what we were doing, never really appreciated what I was getting and how vital it was(and still is) in my life. This is where your great work comes in….

Do you remember the first question you asked? Well it is will be pleasure to remind if you don’t….

“What’s the first thing you think about when wanting to achieve a goal?” Bizarre answers followed. But all to find that an answer was so simple, “Visualize The End Result.” This statement alone changed my life for the better.

At work VISUALIZE THE END RESULT got me so positive the I never saw the “Im” in “Impossible.” I started doing what I never believed I would. I can’t list all I’ve achieved but I became a consistent top performer in my campaign (12 months). I use consistent because consistency isn’t a month or two.

“A leader isn’t a person who drives the train alone.” Yep from the leadership session I understood exactly what it meant to be a leader and it became evident to me that leaders are in every person. I for one realized I had qualities I never thought I had.

Personally it hasn’t been easy since the end of the sessions but I have always kept my head up high. I do so because the reason I keep my head high positive thoughts and energy flows in me. When the sessions were about to end you were busy with setting out educational courses for us employees in the company at no cost to us. I laugh as you type this because you have made it happen. Even though not in the way you would have like but you have. Companies out there never put employees first and with you determination and ambition you made employees believe that Blake is the place to be. I for one didn’t enroll in the program offered because I managed to get myself into UNISA to pursue BCOMM Accounting. Yes it’s still a long way but I don’t think of that. I just visualize the day I graduate just like how you visualized owning a white horse haha. Makes things easier for me.

To get things done a person has to keep reminding himself/herself of exactly what has to be done. There is no better way then writing it down daily. This brings about energy that will lead you to it. You told us and all I do is write my daily goals, weekly goals and long term goals constantly. It’s proven. This Conrad has been one of the reasons I moving forward in life.

You might not know how your great work has worked for me. But the sessions were just a stepping stone I had needed to work my way to achieving work related goals and personal goals.

Mr Coetzee baie dankie sir for everything. Keep up the good work.


Coming from the street all I ever wanted was to earn a salary and live a normal life, I mean get paid, buy food for my family. Little did I know on the 23rd of June my life would be changed around by you and your training as soon as I went for your training everything started changing for the better.

I started believing that I can have everything I want. I started entering Marathons since then I have ran 8 Marathons and won 5 gold and 2 silver and 1 bronze.

I have managed to provide food and clothes to 80 or more street kids every month with the help of Blake and Associate I have won so many awards twice as supervisor and one supervisor of the year.

This training has not only change my life but also the life of so many people on the street.

Introducing this training to Blake made me personally see things and other people in a different manner, from two Debit order a day and Mr Coetzee made us believe that we can do two per hour that moment changed our mind set.

I just wish you can do this training every week all over South Africa this training can change lives.

Many thanks for making me feel this way, I now have what always wanted being able to provide and afford

Thank you for everything may you continue with your great work

God Bless you are the best.





I have not heard your cries from a distance,
But surely you would wipe mines when it echoes from distance
And from the comers of the universe with a smile that glitters
From the nature of kindness.

You for the nation to live and know about what kindness and care is,
You released me from the fears of the day,
I need not shrink before the terrors and horrors of the night,
Even though I stood alone,
You held a helpful hand to safety
You never told the eyes of the world to look down upon me with
Inferiority, thus I praise you

You are my almar nata
The University by which, I learn
Even though a thousand strong have fallen along the way.
I will not let you down nor let your deeds go I vein,
A helpful hand is all the amour that I need to wage my battle in life,
You are to me like paradise which took me a brighter day,
Who heard me when I cried for a dwelling in dark.

You kept the love from us,
You are a man to us. You did not turn away for you…you have a heart of tenacity,