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Do you find yourself stuck in a rut – whether it’s in situations, relationships, or just life in general?

You’re not alone.

Many people feel trapped in their situations, and don’t get to experience the wake-up call that changed Conrad’s life, twelve years ago when he became aware of the Law of Attraction.

When Conrad understood that we are all prisoners of our own belief systems, he decided to do some research to understand the difference between “old formula” and the “new formula”.

Conrad read countless books on spirituality and self-help and implemented and experimented with the various available tools. However, one thing stood out to him: all the books had one central theme, with the message relayed from each author’s point of view. That’s when he discovered a powerful shortcut that helped him achieve his goals.

In The Art of Asking and Receiving, Conrad shares his shortcut and methods that can help reprogram your subconscious mind to accept new belief systems. Using the invisible force that is eager to respond to our desires, we can achieve our goals in the personal and professional world.

The Art of Asking and Receiving explains how:

●You can have fun while accomplishing your goals.
●You can receive and understand the subtle messages and answers from your subconscious mind.
●You can implement the universal laws to work in your favour.
●You can make use of a very simple but effective new formula to assist you in reaching your goals.

This book is for anyone who feels stuck in a rut, or who simply wants to fast-track their progress.


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